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How to get the home extension of your dreams with professional help.
Home extensions are gaining popularity as a way of increasing space in your home without the need for moving houses. The reason for this is very clear. It makes sense economically to remain in your house and avoid having to look for a new plot. NJHI Ltd will make your home extension project easier for you by working to bring your dream home into a reality.

Once you get in touch with us, we will arrange for a no obligation appointment with our professional home design consultants. They can meet with you from the comfort of your home help create your dream project. We will discuss your home renovation and extension requirements, develop a design cost, accompanied by a cost estimate.

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You will meet with the project manager on the site, which is your home, to establish the commencement of the home extension and renovation project. We will give you a fixed date of completion and deliver a quality home extension.

A home extension that is done correctly is going to:

– Give you a modern home with current and classic designs and trends

– Strengthen the structures and bases of your home thus enhancing the durability of your home

– Enhancing functionality and appearance

– Reducing the building maintenance needed for your home

The result depends greatly on the workmanship and experience of the renovation company you go with. If you want the advantages that come with a home extension and more it is important to choose the ideal home renovation company and NJHI Ltd is the direction to go. NJHI Ltd is devoted to helping each of our clients get their perfect home without sacrificing too much. Our team is both innovative, experienced and they have several unique and elegant projects and their belts making their reputation outstanding.

Nicholas James Home Improvements

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Feel free to give us a call and discuss your particular query or project idea and we will help you get it off the ground and turn it into reality!